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The noises of the modern world accompanied by fast fashion and its standards sometimes distance us from natural beauty.
Dry Nature was born in Lipari, a small volcanic island in the Mediterranean. A slow fashion brand, in the quest to transform simple things, generally despised by society, into meaningful things.


There are those who look at a ready-made eco-jewel or bio-jewel and imagine that there is some specific machinery for its creation.

Every piece you will find here is one of a kind, because I work with unique materials I find, handpicked, care and handcraft with love every moment spent during my creative process.

In the first records of prehistoric jewelry, bones, stones and seeds were used to create ornaments and protection objects, then came gems and metals.

An ancestral manual making that I brought to my work, I apply in materials, in search of creating unique adornments.


My greatest purpose is to value nature and preserve it.

I implement actions that contribute to reducing environmental impacts and help take care of the planet where we live.


My commitment to sustainability is present throughout the production chain, from the extraction of the main raw materials to the reuse of materials.




In addition to cultivating several species of plants in our garden (Case Quattrocchi), we acquire new species at plant fairs to encourage local commerce and with the intention of sharing unknown flora and raising awareness that even the weeds that we don't even realize exist They are beings that live on our planet and are important for our existence.


3 Rs


I value conscious consumption. My practice is to reuse and recycle materials used in production, in addition to carrying out selective collection. Our packaging is made from pure cotton. Health Your health and well-being are priorities for us. Our product is free of heavy metals such as nickel and cadmium. Nickel is one of the main components that cause skin allergies. Therefore, our biojewelry is hypoallergenic.

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