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Fern davallia threaders earrings
  • Fern davallia threaders earrings

    Davallia fern leaf immortalized in silver or gold plated.

    Approx Dimensions: 4cm

    limited edition.

    Davallia is a type of fern. are now known elsewhere. They live mainly in tropical and subtropical areas.

    Hand picked in Lipari; mold-free jewelry technique that allows us to metallize and dipped the leaves in copper, then plate in Silver or Gold. The leaf will always be inside. Its textures and imperfections are highlighted so none of our pieces will be like the other. Take the picture as reference.

    biojewels are real flowers and leaves immortalized with a special technique performed entirely by hand; layers of recycled copper are slowly formed around the plant and for an even more special charm, covered with silver and gold. Free nickel and cadmiò.


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